Recorded on a mountain in Portugal in September 2010 with Morrissey’s guitarist and Musical Director, Boz Boorer and a hand full of fantastic Irish musicians (Dom Kelly, Bass/Banjo), Shay Cosgrave (The Drums) this is an original set of songs written by Bead (aka Dave Dwyer) and played with a band.

Stream the EP ‘Battle Stations’ via Soundcloud or follow on Spotify. Buy the EP or a single song on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, or BandCamp. Limited numbers of physical CD’s are available with artwork through the BandCamp site.

If you like it, please tell people and remember to share the link on your Social Media (it makes a huge difference to independent musicians). This recording was personally financed without the support of a record company but with a heap of support from family and friends and the amazing musicians who played on it. Thank you.